Warm Mediterranean Salad with veggies, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs & a dash of balsamic

Fresh, tasty and warm: there is certainly no better way to come through rainy and cold winter other than with… Continue reading »

Amuse bouche: Chicken Liver with fresh Figs, Sage and Balsamic glaze

Have you ever tried a combination of fried chicken liver together with balsamic glaze,  fresh figs and sage?  It is a strong combination of… Continue reading »

stuffed sardines wrapped in grape leaves

Sardines stuffed with parsley, garlic, hot chilli & pine nuts, wrapped in grape leaves

It has been more than a couple of months since I wanted to make this Greek-Italian food marriage: to combine… Continue reading »

grilled nectarines with coconut snow

Grilled Nectarines with Coconut Snow perfumed with fresh Basil and Mint

Do you know what is Coconut Snow?  It is a kind of Coconut sorbet made of full fat coconut milk… Continue reading »

eggs sprinled with truffle salt extra virgin oil and red wine vinegar

Eggs seasoned with Truffle Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Splash of Red Wine Vinegar

Have you ever seasoned hard-boiled eggs with truffle salt?  Some of you may answer with a Yes. Others could say… Continue reading »

Greek Mastiha Mastix

Being a Food Blogger is fun but also a hell of a work!

I started my food blog Cookingly Yours a year ago,  in June 2013. My aim and purpose was to write… Continue reading »

grilled kalamari1

Squid-Time: Ever tried to griddle or grill a Greek Kalamari?

For Greeks, summer is squid time! We love to eat our Kalamari fried, grilled, griddled, baked, stewed or broiled, plain… Continue reading »

warm vegetables salad

Warm Grilled Vegetables Salad with Basil Dressing and Pine Nuts

A vegetable salad that be served warm or cold. It can be served with rice for entrée or it can… Continue reading »

exotic strawberries dessert

Strawberries marinated Greek style and an awesome dessert

“The juice! The juice!” We, kids, were really thrilled about  “the juice”,  the sweet, aromatic fluid that the strawberries had… Continue reading »

Apricot Jam with thyme, Ginger, Pistachio and Cloves

Spicy Apricot Jam with Ginger, Thyme, Pistachio and a pinch of Cloves

The idea started for a light summer dessert with Greek yogurt and apricot jam with ginger. It ended up with an… Continue reading »