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Sardines stuffed with parsley, garlic, hot chilli & pine nuts, wrapped in grape leaves

It has been more than a couple of months since I wanted to make this Greek-Italian food marriage: to combine… Continue reading »

Eggs seasoned with Truffle Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Splash of Red Wine Vinegar

Have you ever seasoned hard-boiled eggs with truffle salt?  Some of you may answer with a Yes. Others could say… Continue reading »

Feta Cheese marinated with Fresh Herbs, Hot Chili Pepper, Garlic and Olive Oil

What do you do if you have a lot of herbs growing in your balcony, patio or garden? I love… Continue reading »

Black Olives marinated with Lavender and other Herbs

There is nothing like sitting in the summer balcony, sipping  white wine and let mouthwatering appetizers slide between your teeth…. Continue reading »

Greek meze: Cherry Tomatoes marinated in Honey-Raki and Olive Oil

Sometimes the creation of a recipe or a snack can be based on pure accident or a ‘grave’ mistake. Like… Continue reading »

Roasted yellow bell peppers with anchovies and capers

A picture cannot capture the taste explosion happening once you bite on a roasted yellow bell pepper wedge filled with fresh… Continue reading »

Delicious! Smoked Salmon with quick Honey-Mustard blobs

Certainly quick, undoubtedly delicious: Cream cheese spread on multi-grain bread cuts, thick slices of smoked salmon, sprinkled with lemon splashes,  fresh… Continue reading »

Goat cheese with tangy clementine jam and fresh thyme

I love the Sunday surprises in the kitchen. They come up, when you plan to prepare something, like an exquisite… Continue reading »

Feta Cheese Strudel Roll: easy Greek cheese pie with feta and puff pastry

No, I am not the type of Greek cook, who would spend hours in the kitchen to prepare just a… Continue reading »

Watch Full Movie Online Power Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers (2017) HD Director : Dean Israelite. Producer : Brian Casentini, Roberto Orci, Haim Saban, Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen…. Continue reading »