Grilled Nectarines with Coconut Snow perfumed with fresh Basil and Mint

Do you know what is Coconut Snow?  It is a kind of Coconut sorbet made of full fat coconut milk and sugar-water syrup. This simple  sorbet turn into one of the most aromatic snow on coconut earth as it is enriched with the flavors of fresh basil and mint. It gets frozen for a couple of hours and then it is served on top of grilled stone fruits like peaches, apricots and nectarines.  It is a perfect dessert for vegans and those on gluten-free diet. The basic recipe is not mine. I made it once following the original recipe and three times adding my own coconut cream made from scratch.

grilled nectarines with coconut snow

It was about this time of the year in 2013, when I got deeply intrigued to function as a ‘recipe tester’ for find this “Coconut Snow” slowly melting over a pair of grilled fruit. The recipe was an entry by member SavorThis and it was an entry to a herb recipe competition.

I submitted my application to the challenge and immediately made it at my home kitchen. I had nectarines and apricots and one peach in the fridge.

I prepared the Coconut Snow  following the recipe instructions step by step and when it was ready I grilled two apricots, two nectarines and one peach.

I  liked most over the nectarines and less over the apricots. Maybe it was the basil that matched with the sweet and ripe nectarines.

I also found out that it was a pity that it did not snow a lot over my grilled nectarines, so next time I made the dessert I doubled the recipe.

homemade coconut cream

And not only that! I used my own thick and creamy coconut cream made of scratch. But then it was not for my vegan friends, because I use normal dairy heavy cream to get the perfect richness out of the coconut flakes.

I also – shame! shame! shame! – brushed the fruits with a tiny piece of butter and not oil.

Get the Coconut Snow Recipe here.

Get the Coconut Cream made form scratch here.









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